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lovethedevil-hatetheangel asked: Okay so I just finished the most recent chapter of the Supernatural fanfic and I NEED more. I think I have fallen in love with it. Autistic Castiel is the cutest and I love the family relations and I LOVE THE ADORABLE SABRIEL!!! When is the next chapter coming out????

Why thank you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it :D I have rather a soft spot for Sabriel so I can’t resist throwing it in ;)

As for the next chapter… well I’m working on it piece by piece. I just signed up for the DeanCas Big Bang for this year so I’ll be focusing on that in my free time once I’m done with my major essays for uni. But I promise not to neglect SMHTL in favour of my big bang piece :)

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Ok but I’ve always wondered in the solo movies of the Avengers, what the hell everyone else is doing in the meantime

Like during Iron Man 3 are Clint, Bruce, Natasha and Steve just like eating popcorn? Thor 2 they’re just, naaaaaah, looks like Big Guy’s got it? 

Tony’s watching this shit go down with SHIELD and he’s just 

"hey pepper, look fast, STEVE’S ON TV!"

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Can you imagine their next get together? Steve and Natasha just giving everyone the cold shoulder because nobody helped them out.

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Heroes and Morality




Realistic storytelling, character-wise, does not reward your hero for doing the right thing.

It punishes them for it.

Realistic storytelling does not have the hero be morally good the whole time and prevail,…

I’m gonna leave this as a link because I find I’m not on either side in this debate, I am actually rather annoyed at the insinuation that Star Wars is a black and white good vs evil (I’m not going to get into the others because I have my own opinions on their stories from my personal dissections) but Star Wars is the opposite. Yes, Luke is 100% a hero with blind morality BUT anybody who does not realise that Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader is one of the greatest literary inventions to exist wasn’t paying attention.

Anakin is the perfect antihero.

He starts out as the naive child dreaming of something more.

He grows into the rebellious youngster who questions his Master yet can still be counted on to do the right thing.

Anakin is filled with anger, he kills the sandpeople who killed his mother despite knowing it is not the Jedi way, yet he still believes in the Jedi way.

He is led astray and makes the wrong decisions and becomes, for all intents and purposes, the embodiment of the fallen hero, lost to the Dark side and beyond the help of other heroes.

Yes, he plays Luke’s villain but Darth Vader is not a black and white villain. He loves Luke as he loved Padme, because he is capable of great love (that’s what causes all these problems in the first place) and when it comes down to the 11th hour he pulls through and fulfills the prophecy to bring balance to the Force. He dies a hero and we see this acknowledged by his place with Yoda and Obi-wan at the end of Episode VI.

Anakin Skywalker, or Darth Vader (whichever name you want to call him by), is the furthest thing from a black and white villain. He is purely made of shades of grey, a brilliant antihero, and is one of my all-time favourite characters for this reason.

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My BFF Coming out to her 89 Year old Grandmother

Grandmother I need to talk to you
[concerned voice] What? What is it? Are you sick?
No, no. Grandma. I'm gay.
I'm gay Grandma. I have a girlfriend now.
[relieved voice] Oh honey, is that all? I thought you had cancer. Anytime someone needs to tell me something they are sick. Who's your girlfriend, when is her birthday? I'll bake her a pie.

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spell your name in my ask, fandom edition!


A: fandom you blog about the most
B: favourite kinks for one of your otps?
C: which fandom do you know the most about?
D: top 5 fandoms?
E: a character you think you’re the most like?
F: a book or film or series that you think deserves a larger following
G: a show/film etc., that you used to love, but that tumblr ruined for you
H: a character that you love to hate?
I: a book you can read over and over
J: a show you keep meaning to watch but have yet to get around to
K: your otp of otps
L: a quote from one of your fandoms which you absolutely adore
M: your favourite writer/s
N: your favourite crackship
O: tell us about your favourite AU for one of your ships
P: a fandom that you’re in, but really hate
Q: a ship or two that you really hate?
R: best book to film adaptation, in your opinion?
S: which ship do you have an infinite amount of songs for?
T: favourite female characters?
U: favourite male characters?
V: favourite non romantic pair?
W: a fandom that you’ll always be a part of
X: which of your favourite shows has the best cinematography?
Y: which of your favourite shows has the worst writing?
Z: a fandom you would love to sit down, and give a lesson on manners and personal space?

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So where’s the Cap 2 fix it fic in which Tony is in the Avengers Tower (cause let’s not ignore the giant A) when Jarvis alerts him to the fact that he’s being targeted by a SHIELD helicarrier so he suits up and gets to D.C. as quick as he can but he’s to late help in the fight but he finds Fury and Natasha and they tell him Steve is missing, possibly dead. So Tony goes on the hunt and he finds Steve on that river bank and flies him to the nearest hospital. And then he spends time pacing the corridor and generally fretting even though he doesn’t want to admit that he’s scared out of his mind that Steve isn’t gonna make it. But Steve pulls through and Tony makes sure he’s the first one at Steve’s side when he wakes up. And Steve is confused at first as to why Tony is there but then he just smiles this little smile and says “Knew you’d come. You just can’t stay away from a fight.” And Tony just laughs and says “You know me” when all he really wants to say is “I just can’t stay away from you.” And it’s nice until Steve remembers what he learned about Tony’s parents and he can’t not tell him. So he does and Tony gets quiet, really quiet and Steve worries that he made the wrong decision. But then Tony lets out a breath and says “Thanks for telling me. I always suspected, but it’s nice to finally know for sure. So thank you.” And Steve smiles again and says “You’re welcome. And thanks for finding me.” And Tony’s just like, “It was nothing. Someone would have found you if I hadn’t been here.” And Steve says “But it wasn’t just someone. It was you.” And they kind of sit there in slightly awkward silence, staring at each other. And then the silence is broken by Natasha, who’s been leaning against the door, saying “You guys are kind of nauseating.”

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Anonymous asked: i love you and smhtl more than anything thank you so much for creating such a phenomenal piece of work that has consumed my life c:

Naw shucks ^.^ Nonnie you just put the biggest smile on my face!